ESA Government Units Training

Government Training and Support

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Advanced Training Programs for Military, Law Enforcement and Government Unit


Military and Law Enforcement training is an issue requiring much research and in-depth knowledge. The ESA Government training division personnel are assembled from the elite of the special forces.


All of the consultants in this division are well trained combatants, possessing great experience in military and law enforcement training and knowledge in a wide range of tactical situations.






Moreover, all of ESA consultants are well versed in combat situations, following their experience in the line of duty in the various Special Forces Units worldwide. ESA is capable & experienced in providing various types of training for Government organizations like:

  • Close Quarter Battle

  • Sniper Training

  • Anti-Riot Procedures

  • SWAT Team 

  • Presidential/High Officials Security Service

  • Coast Guard

  • Provincial Rescue Team

  • Prison Service

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal

  • Counter Assault Team Training


Besides the upper mentioned tasks, ESA Government training division is able to provide strategic consultation on issues, such as:

  • Human Resources / Personnel

  • Equipment acquisitions

  • Training plans

  • Construction of training centers

  • Forming of Unit

  • Procedures for work

  • Algorithms and procedures in crisis situations

We are ready to provide top class training for your unit in arrears described below:

  • Firearms Training (Pistol/Carbine/SubMachine Gun/shotgun)

  • FX Simunitions Scenario Training for your unit

  • Hand to Hand Combat Training for your unit 

  • Close Protection Training for your personnel

  • Close Protection for high Risk Environment

  • Designated Defence Marksman and Sniper training 

  • Close Quarter Battle Training for your unit

  • Maritime Security Training

We are happy to host your unit at our facility in Poland or we can send our experienced and skilled instructor team to your place for indoor training.

More information’s about the ESA Government Training Division is available on request by contacting us on

ESA Firearms Instructor Course

Firearms Instructor Courses

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Instructor Course has two main objectives. The first one is to prepare the new Instructor Staff for providing and supporting ESA Courses in a country and abroad. Students who are evaluated best by Instructors during the course and meet all ESA requirements will receive an offer to work for ESA. 

Second objective is to acquaint the participants with the methodology and concept of trainings at ESA. This is an opportunity for instructors already operating in different fields to increase instructor qualifications by learning the concept of ESA, which has over 20 years of methodological and teaching experience in training the military, police and security personnel.




Topics to be covered in ESA Firearms Instructor Course

  • introduction, Instructor & Student Biographies

  • introduction to ESA training concept and techniques

  • overview of ESA : history, current prospects , future projects

  • adult Learning concepts

  • individual Skills Assessment

  • individual Skills Improvement Assessment

  • selection of teaching tools, facilities and equipment

  • the use of PowerPoint presentation in training

  • selection of exercises/drills to the group level / level of student

  • presentation skills of students skills in teaching and Instructions- Workshop

  • advance weapon drills

  • class Conclusion & Farewell


Military/Police ID or Close Protection Operative or PMC or DDM or CQB course completed.
Instructor Development training course is dedicated only to law enforcement personnel, government security contractors or ex ESA graduates.

At European Security Academy Firearms Instructor Course participants have privilege to learn from top ESA instructors which some of them are especially designated to teaching new generation of ESA instructors. Mainly tutors are ex special forces with long terms of service in high risk areas which include Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Africa. On ESA instructor course our participants will learn from the basics how to structure firearms course for a group of people and for an individual. We'll teach you how to asses students and give them right tools to progress. Course is also open for existing instructors who want to expand their knowledge and become better instructors using ESA training methodology trough their own experience and knowledge. Our instructor course will be run in a classroom and will consist lecture and on the shooting range where our candidates will learn advanced shooting drills as well as methods to teach and correct students. For the best of the best ESA may have job offers to work in our facility or in your own branch abroad. Dates for the instructor courses can be found below :


LAW Enforcement Instructor Course 13 - 19 JULY 2018 

We are more than happy to run instructor course for groups minimum of 6 participants. We are also happy to travel to your location and run the course at your facility.

Please email us if you want to make an inquiry.